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train smarter, not harder!!

when it comes to your fitness activities a little planning beforehand can reap much greater benefits than would otherwise be the case. Here's a few thoughts on how to get the most out of your sessions...

GOALS & TARGETS - just wanting to "get a bit fitter", or "lose some belly fat". These are typical "goals" that many of us set ourselves, usually in the New Year. The problem is that they are too vague and non-specific. How do we know if we have succeeded if there is no end-point? The key to succeeding is to set ourselves 1 or 2 achievable targets - for example "to lose 2 kilos in 4 weeks". In addition to being achievable, the targets need to be measurable - in this example a set of weighing scales will do! When using your scales remember the following...

- ensure the scales have been calibrated correctly and read zero whilst unloaded

- wear exactly the same amount of clothing on each weigh-in

- place the scales on a hard surface that is truly level.

- weigh-in at the same time of the day on every occasion and not immediately after a heavy meal

Set yourself "mini targets" and you'll become more motivated as you smash through them! Setting a big target too far into the future will seem distant and unattainable and can lead to loss of motivation and ultimately failure.

set yourself "mini goals" that you can smash!

Quality not Quantity - when it comes to exercise and fitness think quality, not quantity...

- plan and document each session before you do it...which body areas you are going to work...which exercises...number of reps per set...number of sets per exercise...time your rest intervals...plan your warm-up and cool down phases. Basically, know exactly what your workout will look like before you enter the gym.

- try these tips to get a great workout, burn a ton of calories and build lean muscle tissue...

  • slow it down...slow down each repetition to get more control and avoid the effects of gravity on the way down and momentum on the upward movements.

  • exercising large muscle groups means large calorie burn

  • exercising multiple muscle groups also means more calorie burn

  • avoid extra cardio sessions by combining strength and cardio simultaneously

  • listen to your body and ensure you get sufficient rest, recovery and sleep

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